About Odd-Socks Training and Consultancy

Odd-Socks Training and Consultancy is a dynamic and creative organisation active in the European youth work field of educational training and development. It is co-ordinated by Nik Paddison, Odd-Socks provides a “one stop shop” for NGOs and international institutions looking for assistance with projects and activities, publications and consultancy.

Nik Paddison


Nik is a full time independent freelance trainer/writer/consultant/copy editor in the European youth field. He has a background as a youth worker from the UK. Nik specialises in the training of youth workers and trainers. He also works on Human Rights, peace building, work with Roma young people, refugee issues, and developments in non-formal learning. Over the years he has developed and created numerous activities, theories, games and approaches related to the youth field in the context of non‐formal education. His work can be found in various publications including Coyote magazine. For the last few years he has been working as a freelancer for youth NGOs, European networks, the European Union youth programme, and the Council of Europe youth department.

The most important product of Nik’s experience is an impressive network of trusted colleagues and contacts that is Odd-Socks Training and Consultancy. If you need structured assistance or just ad-hoc advice, Odd-Socks Consulting can help you identify the right person for the job. Simply use our contact form to start the process.

These days he is living by the sea in Montenegro and trying to live a more Mediterranean lifestyle, but that North European mentality keeps getting in the way! Having long breakfasts with a book in the sun, growing herbs (the legal variety) and playing board games are his main hobbies when at home.